Monday, 18 March 2013

PanTree Cookware Organizer

Inilah dia alat organiser yg dapat menyelesaikan masalah penyimpanan periuk di dapur. 
Menjimat kabinet ruangan dapur anda
Menyimpan sebanyak 14 alat-alat masakan
seperti pan & periuk, Cara pemasangan yang mudah
Alat masakan mudah disimpan dengan kemas  

Do you have pots, pans, skillets, and spatulas shoved willy-nilly into your cupboards? We do, and it's driving us crazy. We keep rearranging to find a better configuration, but we wonder if this PANTREE would be a good solution.
The PANTREE is a plastic cupboard organizer that is (hello! good idea!) round, just like most of your
cookware. It holds up to 14 pieces of cookware plus 4 matching lids and fits into standard base cabinets. It can hold up to 25 pounds of weight, so even cast iron pans can be stored in it.
We'd like to point out that 14 pieces of cookware is plenty for the average kitchen, so this thing promises to hold nearly every piece of cookware you need, outside of baking pans.
The PANTREE takes up only 13" diameter of space and 19" in height, so it fits the standard 24" base kitchen cabinet. We have those cabinets with a recessed 1/2 shelf in the back, but this thing even fits in those. It won't fit in ultra narrow cabinets, but we bet that most kitchens have one cabinet where this will fit.
The manufacturer says that it can save up to 300% in cabinet space. You can even add a utensil attachment and a swivel, so you can store even more in this small footprint.
We wonder about how sturdy this is (it "snaps together" easily, they say) and how it would hold up to daily use. But the idea is great, and much more efficient than stacking pans together in teetering heaps. In fact, it's probably better for the pans, since they aren't getting rubbed together in a stack all the time.
What do you think? Have you tried the PANTREE? We're very curious.
Best price RM40 Free Poslaju Within Malaysia 
Berminat sila SmS @ CaLL Nur Reyzal 016 8722549

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