Thursday, 7 March 2013

Anti-glare Glass for Day & Night Driving 2 in 1

Customize anti glare sunlenses when you are driving
It can filter out 99.9% of hanrmful rays, protect your eyes effectively.
Fit in any cars
These glasses are specialized and come with an anti glare coating to help cut down glare when driving
Its also give you sharper vision that is essential for driving when it is dark or conditions are less than optimal.
Reducing the glare that can potentially cause an accident.
Day and Night Type
Dark Glass: To keep out sunshine effectively by day;
Yellow Glass: To keep out snow blink and beams of car lights effectively by night.
Perfect combination of sunglasses and night-vision goggles.
To resist high temperature and strong impact.
To block glare and isolate UV effectively.
To make your eyes comfortable and prevent them greatly from being hurt by harmful rays.
Greatly protect your driving safety by day and by night.
Best Price RM105 Free Poslaju WITHIN MALAYSIA
Berminat sila Sms @ Call 016 8722549 Mr Nur Reyzal

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