Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Transformers 2 Human Alliance Sideswipe with Sergeant Epps - ROTF

When SIDESWIPE arrived on Earth, he was a raw, untrained fighter, used to battling alone and outnumbered. He was teamed with Epps so the Tech Sergeant could whip him into shape as an effective member of the strike team led by IRONHIDE®*. The two have become good friends. In combat, Epps’ combat-hardened instincts direct the speed and cunning of SIDESWIPE with devastating effectiveness.

Gear up for battle excitement with this tremendous twosome! Your Tech Sergeant Epps figure and SIDESWIPE robot-to-vehicle figure make a perfect pair, even interacting with each other! Seat the human ally figure on the shoulder of the mighty SIDESWIPE figure in robot mode and put himin charge of manning the shoulder “cannon”. Then, convert the robot and put your Tech Sergeant Epps figure behind the wheel in Corvette® Stingray™ concept car vehicle mode. With these two working together, the DECEPTICONS haven’t got a chance!
Best Price RM170 -> NOW RM160  Free Poslaju within Malaysia
Berminat sila SmS @ CaLL 016 8722549 Mr Nur Reyzal

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