Wednesday, 24 February 2010

World Eye Care Massager

Eye care massage Specification & function:
Dc 3v 2pcs AAA batteries operated / Dc adaptor,
26 finger like acupuncture feeler with rare
earth magnets, On / Off button, 9 massage mode,
3/5 minutes timer settings
Ideal for user of computers,long distance
driver, equipment operators, students, office

Advantage: For eye fatigue, to help alleviate
eye fatigue coz by extended use of computers,
long periods of driving, studying, reading,
for swollen or baggy eye, dark ring around the
eyes, For wrinkle around the corners of the
eyes, For difficulty in falling sleep,
To help induce a state of deep relaxation
that allows for restfull nights..
Market Price RM70, My Price RM50 Free Polaju

Berminat sila SmS @ CaLL nur reyzal 016 8722549
(STOK TIADA LAGI, NO MORE STOCK) update 9.03.2010

1 comment:

Nureyzal Shoppe said...

Maaflah kepada yang masih berminat ingin
memiliki barang hot item ni..
Dah habis stok..


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